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Form a deep relationship with every Alumnus

With a personalized approach that drives better engagement

See how it works

Most Institutions today:

Low alumni engagement with mail, email, web & other content

Manually collecting & curating content, drawing from a limited set of sources
Sparse data on alumni
Broad group targeting with “one size fits all” content
Little or no learning of what works at the individual level

With Outpace personalization:

Dramatically higher engagement in any channel

Tapping full spectrum of content, automatically collected & classified
Using richer data from multiple sources
Individually targeted with person-specific content
Automated feedback and learning at the individual level

The Details

Collect and classify content

  • Aggregate all of the relevant content from the university community (news, publications, research, events, etc.)
  • Classify and ‘tag’ content automatically for targeted use
  • Provide editorial tools to accept or decline specific pieces of content
  • Build an ‘intelligent’ library of available content to deploy in a targeted manner

Aggregate alumni data and make it useful for targeting

  • Merge available alumni data from relevant sources, both internal and external
  • Easily add new sources (e.g., LinkedIn connection)
  • Transform data into drivers of preferences for each alumnus
  • Create master database of alumni information preferences

Communicate with alumni in a truly individualized manner

  • Deliver personalized messages to alumni based on their specific interests (via web, email, direct mail, or other channels)
  • Modify targeting next time reflecting responses to prior communications and any other alumnus changes

Analyze results and automatically learn

  • Understand what content types resonate with each alum
  • Automatically provide feedback into future alumni targeting