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Targeting Engine

The most valuable message, for each customer, in every channel, every time

Take customer engagement to the next level

Better than pure 'rules based' marketing automation systems: easier to use and manage, freeing up marketers to focus on more value-added activities

Better than marketing optimization platforms: use marketing expertise to guide the systems transparent optimization

We optimize every interaction

We display the messages that are most likely to convert for each customer in each interaction

Let us show you how it works

Impact in weeks, not months

Launch & get results in weeks, instead of months for typical software solutions

Complement, not replace, your existing marketing software initiatives

Sophisticated, not complicated - with the usability of the best consumer applications, your business users can start generating results in minutes

True cross channel integration

Reach to customer behavior and preferences across channels

Execute coordinated messaging across channels by working with existing channel-specific and general marketing systems

Feature list includes...

Intent targeting

Easily add additional data for targeting

Fatigue adjustment


Coordinated cross-channel execution

Flexible conversion logic calculator

Contextual targeting

A/B test multiple versions

Global attribution framework & reporting