Partners in driving profitable customer interactions


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Strategic design of high-impact personalization programs


Laptop with code
Lightning-fast development of new capabilities


Computers connected to the cloud
Omnichannel publishing platform
(customer data + feedback + content + algorithms)

Your Partner

  • We deliver business results — not software or presentations
  • We make it work. Making your initiatives successful is our responsibility
  • We will add effective management capacity to your team, not consume it
  • We will be as invested in your business objectives as you are

Our Principles

  • Agile approach to development
  • Frequent delivery of new capabilities (a staircase to success, not a cliff to climb)
  • Cross-functional business and technology teams (ours and yours)
  • Relentless focus on the right performance metrics


  • Real-time decisioning on >100 million customers
  • Omnichannel decisioning
  • Multiple targeting algorithms with multiple KPIs